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My Skate Mom Story

As a Mom of a Competitive Figure Skater I have first hand experience with the numerous expenses that come from this exciting sport.  When my daughter started this sport I had no clue as to what I should expect financially.  Broke Skate Mom hopes to take some of the financial burden off of the Parents by selling products at a reduced rate.

My Skating Mom Story
Ice skating started so innocently.  I was pregnant, it was summer, and my friend invited us to the Ice Skating rink for a free lesson.  First I didn't even know we had an Ice Skating rink, secondly, sure why not I was a human oven and being in a cold place sounded refreshing.  Of course she loved it and wanted to take group lessons.  Sure why not, I had a coupon for a reduced rate.  First lesson, so she fell a lot and then her feet hurt from the rental skates.  So I decided to buy here beginner skates from online.  I had no clue what I was looking for, all I knew is that they had pink on them and she liked pink.  She took a couple of sessions, and I was thinking why does everyone complain about how expensive ice skating is.  Sure I had to pay about 100 for her skates, and had to pay for lessons, but the lessons were cheaper than what her other sports use to be.  Then IT happened.  The rink was holding a small competition for the Learn to Skate students.  Of course she wanted to participate.  I paid the fee and signed her up.  But wait she needed a dress and over the boot tights.  Dress ran about 80 and the tights were 24.  Now she needed a coach to help her figure out how this competition thing worked.  So now we paid her coach for 30 minutes a week and then had to pay for that ice time (also known as Freestyle Time).  This is starting to add up.  Competition came and she loved it.  Of course we had to pay for competition pictures, and had to pay for the Coach to be there (that was new to me).  Now she wanted to start training for the next competition.  I could go on and on, but you get the point.  Everything costs money in this sport and any place you can save a dime it is worth it. 

For instance the 2015 competition season she went through 12 pairs of over the boot skate tights.  My daughter ends up doing about 6 competitions a season (which is April - November), and she has two events.   At 24 bucks a pop that is $288 for one season. Yikes!  That is crazy for something that is used for 3 minutes.

In comes my brilliant idea.  I was tired of paying 24 for a pair of tights that are worn for maybe 3 minutes and then discarded because her toe pick hit her legs when she was spinning.  There has to be a cheaper way.  So I looked into having my own tights produced and to pass the savings on to fellow skate moms. And thus the birth of Broke Skate Mom.

Skate Mom of Madison